Proven Spine and Posture Correction

Our daily lives can often be filled with stress—and not just emotional stress.  Sitting at a computer to finish a project, talking on a cell phone while driving, carrying heavy bags and backpacks are daily activities that place tremendous physical stress on the neck and spine over time.  Emotional and physical stressors amplify each other: A nagging headache makes us irritable; a tough day at work leaves our bodies feeling tense and uncomfortable. An accumulation of stress can deteriorate our spinal alignment and posture, which we feel in our bodies as back and neck pain, headaches, and fatigue.  The Pettibon System™ is a proven spine and posture correction methodology that, along with providing pain relief, restores normal spinal form and function.  You play an integral role in this correction by personally strengthening the weak areas that initially allowed your condition to develop.  We offer a complete rehabilitation program that works toward ensuring permanent correction.

What Happens When Our Posture and Alignment are “Off”?

National healthcare statistics report that 65 million of us have neck and back pain, as well as other symptoms related to the spine and nerve system, making these symptoms the number two reason for doctor visits behind respiratory conditions.  What’s happening?  Consider this fact: sitting increases spinal stress by 35% compared to standing and 50% compared to lying down.  Now think about the lives that we lead: sitting for hours in cars and public transportation, working at a computer, watching TV, talking on the phone.  Many of us walk daily on concrete (some even in high heels) carrying heavy bags or backpacks.  If we add in possibly being above our ideal weight, at less than optimal nourishment and fitness, and concerned about world issues, work, and our personal lives, we begin to grasp the reality that spinal and neck stressors are built into daily life, even in leisure and stationary activity.  All of these stressors directly affect the spine and, left uncorrected, become reflected in our posture.

Injury is another common reason for neck and spine pain, along with other symptoms.  These types of health concerns have many origins: sports related injuries in our youth, accidents, and daily life challenges.  But regardless of the cause, a misaligned and unbalanced spine lacks natural shock absorbing curves and progressively becomes twisted.  Spinal misalignment compromises our ability to adapt to daily stresses.

Muscles spasm.  Ligaments are stretched and can tear.  Vertebra misalign. Discs can herniate (bulge), putting pressure on nearby nerves resulting in pain, dysfunction and other symptoms.  We’re no longer strong enough to work in harmony with gravity.  Our overall health and posture deteriorate.

Extreme Forward Head Posture

Even a young person can have an “old” person’s posture.


Optimal Posture and the Anatomy of a Healthy Spine

The human spine is an amazing biomechanical masterpiece.  Muscles provide strength and movement.  Discs absorb shock.  Ligaments connect and secure the vertebrae.  Vertebrae protect the spinal cord and support the body’s weight.  What does good posture look like?  The heights of the shoulders, hips and knees are equal and you hold your head level.  From a side view, we can easily draw a straight, vertical line from the exact center of your head through your shoulder, hip and knee to your ankle.  When your spine is in proper position and moving naturally, there is a gentle forward curve in the neck (cervical curve), a slight backward curve in the upper back (thoracic curve) and a gentle forward curve in the low back (lumbar curve).  These curves are absolutely essential to optimize our ability to move fluidly and adapt to stressors.


Optimal Posture

With optimal posture, we are aligned and in balance, breathing easier, and able to do more with less effort while feeling great.


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