Dr. Tina Baade, D.C.

My chiropractic journey began at a very young age—about three months old to be exact.

I was the apple of my parents’ eyes; the crying and screaming and exhausting apple.  Finally, after seeing the apparent fatigue from everyone in my family, a kind friend recommended to my mom that she take me to see a chiropractor (maybe he could do something to help).  What the doctor explained wasn’t rocket science; it was just a simple explanation of how the body works.  He told her that if there was any misalignment of my spine from childbirth or stages of growing, my nervous system (the system that controls all growth and healing) could be compromised and affecting the way my body was working.  My mom felt reassured, and like someone finally cared enough to find the cause of all of my crying and fussing.  With just a single chiropractic adjustment, my excessive crying stopped, and my parents could get a night’s rest.  Just one adjustment, removing the pressure from the most important system in my body, and my parents’ lives changed.

That leap of faith from my mom nearly 26 years ago impacted my life so greatly that I decided to dedicate my life to sharing this amazing healing principle with the people in my life.  I graduated from the University of Iowa in 2012 with a degree in exercise physiology and nutrition.  I wanted the world to know that chiropractic wasn’t simply for neck or back pain, but rather it was a change in lifestyle, including proper movements, nutritious foods, and minimizing damage to your nervous system.  After graduating a proud Hawkeye, I began chiropractic school in Bloomington, Minnesota.  Throughout my journey there, I developed an even greater appreciation for what I get to do and teach every single day; however, I knew there was more to chiropractic than what I was learning in school.  I was able to intern with several doctors who practiced spinal correction and, from that experience, I began to understand just how complex and incredible the human body is.

I wanted to give my future patients the best, so I devoted many, many hours outside of class traveling to seminars, listening to lectures, and sharpening my skills to be able to CORRECT (not bandage) my patients’ spinal and health problems.  I’ve had a wide range of patients from newborn to nearly 100, and everything in between.  I love seeing the changes everyone experiences!  When I graduated from Northwestern Health Sciences University in 2015, I moved to Jefferson City with my soon-to-be-husband to begin working at Advanced Spinal Rejuvenation.  As the only corrective care chiropractic office in the area, I knew without a doubt that the care in this office is based on the latest research and provided the top quality of care, and ultimately I knew this is where I had to be.  I’m grateful to be the newest addition to this office as well as this community.

Tina Baade, Chiropractor